Air Jordan 1 Low's most worthy sneakers

For a long time, players holding OG think that only high tops are the soul of Air Jordan 1, while doers believe that sneakers should be centered on the wearing experience, as long as they are comfortable and good-looking. Full. This time, we might as well take a look at the low-cut Air Jordan 1s that are well-dressed and beautiful.

First, nominate a low-cut Air Jordan 1 with high-cost performance. Known as "Grape Red", this pair of AJ1 Low has a black toe + rose pink perforated suede heel design, adding more novel elements to the classic design language, and the price is superior.

Along with "Vine Red", there is also the familiar "Laser Blue". The refreshing light blue is especially suitable for summer travel needs, and it is perfect for boys who want to have a sporty temperament. At the moment, the same price is good.

Similar to the previous two color schemes, the Cyber ​​Grenn AJ1 Low, which looks like a "mustard" color scheme, is also a suitable work. It is also a black-toed design scheme. Whether it is paired with jeans, overalls, or sports pants, it is easy to come by, all-match. Look good.

The "Purple Grape" color AJ1 Low, which the celebrities put on their feet before, suddenly became the target of all kinds of star chasers. The designer filled the forefoot, heel, and outsole with purple tones, combined with multi-material mixing processing technology, to give the shoes a higher level of texture.

Pine Green AJ1, known as the "Celtic" color scheme because of its emerald green dress, is one of Jordan Brand's pioneering works in the low-top field. The fresh and tender green blessing is purer than the "black and green toes" of the same color.

  • Air Jordan 1 Low Game Royal

"Royal" black, white and blue is one of Jordan's classic color schemes, so how can the hot low-cut AJ1 miss such a handsome "Royal" color scheme? And of course, this pair of AJ1s has naturally become the cheapest "Royal" series of AJ works.

Undoubtedly, as the first pair of "Star Taste" works that bloomed all over the Air Jordan 1 Low, this pair of low-top Black Toe, born out of "Black Toe" AJ1, has extraordinary significance.

Air Jordan 1 Low is currently the most cost-effective shoe. It is suitable for a variety of styles and can firmly grasp the hearts of boys and girls. It is a shoe that every sneaker enthusiast should have.