Air Jordan 1 Mid Lakers Purple Gold Built-in Sole Cushion Classic Waist Out of the Box Evaluation!


   Air Jordan 1 was launched in 1985. It was Nike's first pair of basketball shoes named after Jordan. It was this pair of shoes that opened an era. The shape of Air Jordan 1 is inspired by Air Force 1, which was all the rage that year. At the same time, it reduces the thickness of the midsole, reduces weight, and increases the feeling of grounding. It also uses the rear sole Air-Sole cushion and the most classic flying wing Logo from the time Nike creative director Peter Moore.

  As a revolutionary sneaker, AirJordan 1 was fined a huge fine for violating the uniform dress code of the league at the time, but this ban also made Air Jordan1 hot for a while, was robbed, and left a good story. At the same time, Michael Jordan wore Air Jordan 1 in the NBA league and international competitions made a brilliant appearance in the first All-Star Game, and we're honored as the newcomer of the year. Today, AirJordan 1 has become a classic match of fashion trends, often appearing in major fashion ICONs and trendy street shots, and is one of the most legendary sneakers in people's hearts.

   This Air Jordan 1 Lakers. Mid color scheme, the shoe style adopts three colors of purple, gold, and white as a whole. It can be seen from the color scheme that it is very similar to the Lakers jersey. The shoes are still made of lychee leather. In the color matching, the traditional 0G color zoning scheme is adopted. The heel, toe, and sole are in bright yellow, and the upper and midsole are in beige. The eye-catching part is that the shoelaces are made of eye-catching purple, which immediately improves the recognition of this shoe.