Air Jordan 11 Black and Red 2019 Re-engraved

Air Jordan series set aside Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 11 is the most popular. On the status, Air Jordan 11 "Bred" is undoubtedly at the top of the entire pyramid of sneakers. Jordan's classic picture of crying in tears after winning the 1996 NBA championship also kicked off the journey of the Air Jordan 11 "Bred" legendary boots.

Since Air Jordan 11 was first released in 1996, it has been re-enacted three times in 2001, 2008, and 2012 respectively. After seven years, it has returned again. It must be a must-have for many shoe fans. Today, the editor will bring you an unboxing evaluation of the Air Jordan 11 black and red 2019 replica, so that everyone can appreciate the charm of these super-popular shoes.

The black and red color matching have always been the most classic color matching of Air Jordan's current generation, and there is no one. As for who is the most popular color of Air Jordan 11, is it "Bred" or "Concord", this question has always caused everyone to debate, but the editor still wants to vote this black and red. Compared with other color schemes, "Bred" has both a versatile black and white theme and a bright red eye-catching. The collision of black and red can bring a more stunning and strong visual experience.

The upper of the Air Jordan 11 black and red 2019 replica is still a big patent leather design loyal to the first year, with a high sense of luxury. In terms of design details, this year's Air Jordan 11 "Bred" heel leather material is different from the past, the leather texture is more obvious and more textured.

The trapeze logo on the side uses bright red, the sole also uses bright red and white, and the classic logo on the tongue is perfect for every detail. The workmanship is also quite good, whether it is the embroidery of the trapeze logo or the adhesion at the midsole, it is more detailed and there is no glue.

The line design of the midsole is one of Air Jordan 11's unique charms. It has the beauty of muscular lines. The number at the heel of the shoe, from 45 of last year's "Concord", has returned to the first tribute design of 23 tribute, and uses a more abstract and implicit expression to add a sense of high-grade to the shoe.

The entire upper of the Air Jordan 11 black and red 2019 replica is black, the upper feet are more slender and thin, the effect is perfect, it is a high value of 360 ° without dead angle.