What era of Air Jordan XIII do you belong to?

The first appearance of the Air Jordan XIII was of course in the 1997-98 season. Michael Jordan led the Bulls to the first in the East with 62 wins and 20 losses and then entered the playoffs. They also used this color scheme in person. Also, accompany Michael Jordan to obtain the MVP awards in the regular season and All-Star games. That year, most people probably remember the Air Jordan XIV "Last Shot". It is undeniable that Michael Jordan scored the key two points at the last minute. It is indeed a classic. Don’t forget that he was almost the same in the entire 1997-98 season. Air Jordan XIII is part of it!

 The Air Jordan XIII uses the Black Panther as the design concept. Tinker Hatfield said that he has always paid attention to Michael Jordan's attitude during the game, and once heard from the friends around Jordan that he used Black Cat to describe him during the game. So follow this direction on the basis of black panther development, which also explains why the soles have the shape of leopard claws. The round logo on the outside of the heel also uses special materials, which are similar to the green light emitted by the black panther's eyes.

 This is designed for Jordan. In order to enhance stability in actual combat, the soles of the cats are transplanted into the outsole of basketball shoes. In fact, it is now the Outrigger, and it is a double enjoyment of the front and back palms. A lot of doubts should have been solved about the topic of anti-rollover! Running, there is more stability. In addition, high-top basketball shoes were the mainstream of the year, and you don’t have to worry too much about the covering of your ankles.

 Although it was designed 20 years ago, the Air Jordan XIII has not been swallowed by the great wheel of the times. Front and back Zoom Air is more than enough for today's game! After grabbing the rebound and landing on the ground, the feet are not necessarily painful.

 Most of the 90s styles used heavy lychee leather or suede as the upper material, and then the inner cage was covered with a thick layer of foam. In fact, this texture is soft and cooked both inside and outside, but the air permeability is relatively poor.